Monday, April 12, 2010

How to Download From ShareCash

This tutorial will guide you, How to download from Sharcash Links. Downloading from this server is very easy, You have to put only your Name and email Id there in the right place.. .

Step -1: When u click on any sharecash download link the following page will open:
[ Example]

Step-2: Once you click the "Regular Download" link, you will be brought to a survey page. Just Fill the first page with your name, email, address, zip code etc [ like the one below, but you may get different according to your country and their respective offers ] .

Or you can choose Premium Download and can download file without filling any survey form.

Step-3: Then in next page there will be a "Click here to Continue..." button on top of the banner, (The area is circled). Just Click there and Downloading will start. :-)

After you clicked 'Premium Download' you'll be asked for your Username and Password - Sign in and download the File without doing the annoying survey!


Thats it! File Downloaded! If your still having trouble downloading a File check back on the Sharecash Forum!

How to download from sharecash

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